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What is Work-Based Learning?

   Work-Based Learning (WBL) is a culminating course in a student's logical sequence of courses for a chosen career/pathway.  In this course, students have the opportunity to apply the concepts, skills, and dispositions learned in previous coursework in their pathways in real world business and industry settings.  It is important to note the Work-Based Learning is an instructional strategy that can be implemented as a stand-alone course or a component of any CTE course that prepares students for college and career.  This strategy builds students' skills and knowledge in their chosen career path or furthers their study within the area of interest.  

   A standards based training plan is developed by the student, teacher, and workplace mentor to guide the student's work based learning experiences and assist in evaluating achievement and performance, whether WBL is a stand-alone course or a component of a discipline-specific CTE course.  The current WBL program is available to seniors.  This is due to seniors having the available space in their class schedule.  Most juniors do not have this available at this time.  However, if a junior is ahead and has completed all of their pathway courses, they could be considered for the WBL program.

Prerequisites For Enrollment 

  1. Drive your own vehicle.  (Proof of insurance required.)

  2. Currently have and maintain a good attendance record.

  3. Currently have and maintain a good behavior record.

  4. Currently have and maintain a 3.0+ GPA.

  5. Are willing to work an internship/apprenticeship related to your pathway and career choice.

  6. Complete the Work-Based Learning application prior to the April deadline.


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